When you buy property insurance you are protecting your assets against life’s uncertainties. Find out more about different insurances below.


    The property portfolio we handle for our clients is diverse and often involves challenging risks. Cover required includes everything from blocks of flats, commercial units to unusual, historical buildings.

    Getting the right cover in place for you, is crucial to our offering. We always remember this, and because we work for selected property managers across the UK, we understand your business because we deal with it on a day-to-day basis.

    With £2bn of value insured, Alexander Bonhill has substantial buying power – this means we can broker the right deal for your purposes. We also have extensive experience of handling claims through our relationship with Sedgewick. If the worst happens, we provide peace of mind.


    We offer protection against legal liability for personal injury to third parties (other than employees) and loss or damage to their property, including obstruction, trespass, nuisance, interference, wrongful arrest and eviction.

    • Contingent motor third party liability arising out of the use of vehicles not owned by you
    • Liability for employees’ and visitors’ personal belongings
    • Legal costs and expenses defending prosecutions under all relevant Health & Safety legislation
    • Personal Liability for bodily injury or damage to property overseas
    • Associated court attendance costs

    Where required, this cover can be written in isolation e.g. the residents of an estate containing only private houses require Property Owners Liability protection for the communal grounds.


    When it comes to managing engineering risks, our engineering expertise makes the difference. In simple terms, engineering cover consists of one or both of the following elements:

    • Insurance of the plant against mechanical breakdown and sudden and unforeseen damage – This cover is in addition to and does not replace cover provided under a buildings insurance policy i.e. a lift may be included within the sum insured of a property and would therefore be covered if the lift was damaged by one of the applicable perils covered under a property policy.
    • Inspection contracts – An engineering plant is also subject to health and safety legislation which means that certain items of plant require regular inspection by statute and certificates are issued to show that they have been inspected (by a competent person).


    Companies and associations face increasing scrutiny across all areas of their business and activities. Customers, shareholders, employees, creditors and other stakeholders all have the ability to seek compensation against companies and associations’ directors and officers; a risk that is often under-estimated.

    By working with the Alexander Bonhill team, clients get a greater insight into the nature and extent of those threats, helping them manage them better. Our expertise helps quantify those risks and find the right insurance solution to protect individuals and their assets.

    This cover provides peace of mind and protection for individuals, in terms of their personal liability, in their role as director, officer or manager, regardless of whether the role is voluntary or not. This is something that is often overlooked.


    We also provide additional services, which includes Risk Management and Claims Management. To view the full spectrum of Alexander’s Bonhill’s services, please click below.